How it will set us up in the long haul

a successful Canadian Classroom … pilot

… will be one with:

Student satisfaction reflected in positive testimonials and enthusiasm in advocacy to    potential students for the coming year

Unaffected normal operations by railways and other carriers in their service delivery to other clients while handling Canadian Classroom… passengers *1

Corporate image enhancement for railways other carriers and hospitality contributors to the Classroom experience

Community appreciation at points where Classroom stopped, visited and interacted with local residents

Exceeding of course requirements—journals, portfolios, essays and other projects—by students

Satisfaction by faculty, onboard and regional, with venues and opportunities for presentation and mentorship

Sponsor satisfaction with opportunities for exposure or their message, interaction with students, and opportunities for continuing connection.

A successful Canadian Classroom on Rails/Salle de Classe Ferroviaire Canadienne pilot by these standards will enable us to

*  develop a committed corps of student leaders who can promote Classroom to their peers,  and who can enable us to

*  double our numbers for a 2016 operation and possibly triple for 2017, the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation

*  assure our carriers that Classroom is compatible with their normal seasonal operations and permit us to

*  expand our operation over their infrastructure, including greater reliance on special moves and/or on routes not presently served by passenger rail

*  attract additional and sustainable sponsors and media attention that can make this operational expansion viable

*  become a legacy program with trans Canada and regional offerings to students at the secondary and postsecondary level

*  be recognized as a model pan-Canadian curriculum that recognizes and incorporates regional characteristics in a context of shared spiritual values

1.Perfect on time performance is not a benchmark of success. We understand passenger rail operations must defer to freight, particularly on single trackage, and are flexible in scheduling to experience the benefits of rail travel.