Investment Options

plans / approaches

Financial investment in Canadian Classroom/Salle de Classe Ferroviare is an opportunity to cultivate leadership of a more cohesive and durable Canada. *1

sponsor a STUDENT- the per student cost of the pilot offering of … Classroom … comes to apprx $100,000. If you choose to underwrite the costs of a student coming from your region, you have the opportunity to invest in community leadership and to develop a relationship with a promising young person

sponsor a SECTION- if you choose to focus your investment on the region you live/work in, you may decide to cover the travel costs of that portion of the journey. You can travel with and meet with us when we’re in that region and be recognized by media covering Classroom as one who helped make it possible.

sponsor a STAFF MEMBER – Canadian Classroom has two types of onboard personnel: a core of five program staff who accompany the group for the full itinerary and a number of regional resource persons who join the group for different parts of the voyage to provide intimate knowledge of the land we’re passing through. (In addition there are unionized rail staff who run the trains and provide services on board/in stations.)

Individual costs of Classroom’s onboard staff vary. Some donate their time, are retired or provide their services on vacation time. Others take time off from employment/private business or practice without pay, and Classroom compensates for their loss of income. Per person costs of full time program staff generally run from 10 to 20% of individual student costs ($10,000-$20,000). A significant share of this goes to travel costs outside the chartered rail space (air, bus and ferry fares). You may decide to sponsor one of these staff members and the services they bring to the group experience.

provide a PRESENCE aboard. It could be a person (see “sponsor a…”); it could be a bicycle or canoe to extend our field of exploration. It could be a piece of essential equipment; a water purifier, auxiliary water tank or electric generator for our baggage car to extend our range beyond the lines and station that have conventional support services for occupied passenger cars.

provide a PRODUCT/SERVICE One famous company is noted for blankets, another for castle type hotels. We’ll be asking both to contribute Canadian Classroom. How better to market your products/services than with samples? We’re depending on media for less-than-commercial advertising rates to attract students, and to tell Canadians what we’re about.

provide a PROGRAM- This word can mean a lot of things. The program you provide us could be software, or rights to software, for record keeping. It could be a type of training the fits our goals. It can be the cost of admission to a public event, concert or program at a historic site, or the services of a specialized translator or facilitator. It could be …

become an Associate – New France was developed by the Compagnie des Cent Associés/Company of One Hundred Associates, British North America by the Company of Associates trading into Hudson Bay (Hudson’s Bay Company). If your contribution in cash or in kind equals one per cent of the Classroom’s pilot budget (apprx $12,500) you become an Esteemed Associate of Canadian Classroom on Rails … with the option to:

travel with us by rail for 1% of the total length of the itinerary
be named on a page of the passport carried by each student
meet with the group when we’re on the ground in your area
be invited to/recognized at a gathering when we visit your region

Associates get Triple-A exposure: time ABoard the train
some ACtivity linked to your name your ADvertising in our material