a role as educators

Canadian Classroom is not seeking onboard coverage in its first year. We’ll be a relatively small group finding our way, and being in the eye of continuous publicity can work against the internal dynamic we want to build up as we become a closer group and share impressions with each other.

However …

We will be approaching seasoned reporters to join us for some parts of our journey, not to report on us, but as field resource persons to tell us about the regions they serve and report on, as we visit/pass through. At the end of their time their time aboard they may wish to file a story of their time with us. That is optional, not expected or required.

On the last half of our itinerary, after our group has gelled, we will be giving Kanata platform presentations at stations stops of 10+ minutes. (This will be with approval of the train crew and the railway.) Local media may wish to report on these. On some occasions we’ll give advance notice or our passing through and of our intent to present.

One thing we will be asking of media in our pilot year, and this will be assistance in reaching prospective students and resource persons. We’ll be approaching a national network/regional media chain to carry a community service bulletin on Canadian Classroom’s recruiting competition and directing applicants to our website. (see “Sponsors”)