Our Carriers

transport companies…

and their services are the platform and network we need to do what we’re about, and we’re looking to develop mutually beneficial partnerships here.

Airlines are the essential carriers to Canada’s three arctic territories. Canadian Classroom… will be using one, and possibly, two bases to enter the territories by rail: Churchill MB and/or Hay River NT (see “About us – ITINERARIES”) We’ll be seeking the best possible terms for our Classroom pilot group to visit each territorial capital, at least one other point in the territory and to fly over the important stretches between them (the Beaufort, Mackenzie, parts of Northwest Passage).

BC Ferries and Marine Atlantic will serve Classroom to access the Pacific and Atlantic island capitals and provinces of British Columbia (Vancouver Island and Haida Gwai, and Newfoundland and Labrador). In later years we may also utilize Marine Atlantic’s Bay of Fundy ferry (Saint John NB-Digby NS) and Québec’s Nordik Express in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to the coast of Labrador.

As our name makes clear, rail passenger service is the preferred travel mode of Canadian Classroom On Rails. We’ll be seeking to build a long term relationship with VIA Rail, Canada’s rail passenger service, and developing a rapport with the freight carriers over whose lines VIA operates. In a few instances we’ll arrange private train moves to points of interest on those lines or former CN and CP trackage that are now operated as short lines. Whenever possible, we’ll piggyback on existing scheduled passenger train services and excursion trains.

In Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island, two islands that no longer have passenger rail, and to visit New Brunswick’s capital, Fredericton, we’ll be utilizing bus services, chartering when necessary, to meet our time frames. Motor coaches may also help us explore some of our rail-served cities, though our preference is to use local public transit and to walk or bicycle when possible. Buses may also be options on day trip detours from VIA’s mainline (Saskatoon-Prince Albert, Truro-Sydney) where special rail moves and passenger insurance are cost prohibitive.