Panorama / The Works


Landscape & what we’ve put there – If you saw a menu like this in a restaurant, you’d probably think, “This is more than a full course meal. I’d have to come back many times to experience all of this.”

CCOR participants will experience all of this, some as some apetizers to become acquainted with, others as entrées to explore more deeply.

Coming back from the journey, they may not remember details. But they’ll have a sense/spirit of the country we share/hold in trust.

Physical regions: (8) Canadian Shield, Central Plain, Appalachian Highland, Cordillera, Saint Lawrence, Hudson Bay & Arctic lowlands, Arctic Archipelago

Rivers/river systems: (8) Saint Lawrence/Ottawa, Saint John Fraser/Thompson, Columbia, Skeena Red/Assinaboine, Saskatchewan/Nelson Churchill, Peace/Athabasca/Mackenzie

Oceans/Seas: (3) Arctic (Beaufort), Pacific, Atlantic

Lakes & Great Lakes: (?) Moose Lake/Kamloops Lake/Shushwap Lakes Ontario, Eric, Huron (& Superior?) Great Slave, Great Bear Lakes (overflight) and thousands we pass by the track & fly over

Noteworthy Islands: Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island Cape Breton Island, Montreal and Jesus islands, Baffin Island (Canada’s largest) Spirit Island (tiny jewel in Maligne Lake)

Bays & inlets: Hudson’s Bay, Frobisher Bay, Rankin Inlet, Alert Bay, Engliish Bay, Burrard Inlet, James Bay (Victoria) Bay of Fundy, Chignecto Bay, Georgian Bay

the works

… watching cities rise before me then behind me sink again                                                  this tardiest explorer driving hard across the plain

Stan Rogers, Northwest Passage

They sailed upon the waterways and they walked the forests tall                                           built the mines and mills and factories for the good of us all.

Gordon Lightfoot, Canadian Railroad Trilogy

Capital cities: (17 in all) provincial, territorial, national including ones that moved, administrative centres of colonies and districts that came together with others to form new units/jurisdictions (see list below)

Other cities/centres(8) ”twins” rivals and cousins such as Calgary & Edmonton, Regina & Saskatoon, Vancouver & Prince Rupert we have to see to understand the spirit and dynamic of a province/region

Significant Architecture (beyond legislative buildings and city halls!) such as medicine wheels, places of worship, museums, conference centres and “castles” of some of our hotels and transport terminals

Industries/Enterprises: fishing, agriculture, forestry, mining, energy, steel, construction, transportation, education, environmental recycling, science/technology, cultural, tourism, health care, social services

Links that joined us: East-West/transcontinental railways (Inter-Colonial, Grand Trunk, Canadian Northern (now CN), Canadian Pacific, South-North: BC, Hudson Bay, Great Slave Lake railways, E+N

Sites of Encounters: Blackfoot Crossing (Treaty 7), Amherstburg ON (the Walk that Changed the World), Plains of Abraham, Queenston Heights, Batoche, Frog Lake, Craigellachie (The Last Spike on CPR)

CITIES/SITES TO BE VISITED: WEST→EAST/SOUTH→NORTH (on 2015 pilot run–not in order)

Centers named here are overnight stops in CCOR coaches or other accommodation, destinations or departure points, not pass-through ones.

1. Victoria
2. Vancouver
3. Kamloops
4. Prince George
5. Prince Rupert
6. Skidgate (Haida Gwai)

7. Banff/Lake Louise
8. Calgary
9. Jasper
10. Edmonton/Saint Albert

11. Saskatoon
12. Batoche
13. Prince Albert
14. Regina

15. Winnipeg
16. The Pas
17. Thompson
18. Churchill

19. Windsor/Amherstburg
20. Queenston/Niagara/Newark
21. Toronto
22. Cornwall
23. Kingston
24. Ottawa

25. Hull/Gatineau
26. Senneterre
27. Montreal
28. Laval
29. Québec
30. Charney/Rimouski

31. Moncton
32. Fredericton
33. Saint John
34. Mirimachi

35. Summerside
36. Charlottetown

37. Truro
38. Halifax
39. Sydney
40. Louisbourg

41. Corner Brook
42. Saint John’s
43. Gander
44. Goose Bay

45. Whitehorse
46. Inuvik
47. Yellowknife

48. Cambridge Bay
49. Rankin Inlet
50. Iqaluit