Program is…


more than what’s laid on in a day, week or road trip

It’s who we are, what we see, hear and do, where we go, how we learn and interact. It’s our points of departure and what we become on the journey.

It’s what’s happening in/out side, together/alone in our time on the road.

It includes prep time reading and researching, selecting a topic for a project, planning what to take on the trip

It includes orientation in two weekends (one in winter, one in spring) before we set out, when we meet as a group

It includes follow up: submitting projects, attending gatherings, explaining Classroom, encouraging candidates

Once we’re aboard… our curriculum consists of four types of activities:

solo    journaling (written and photo), reading, thinking and processing what’s happening  within us

small group   canoeing, research projects, drama/readers’ theatre, yoga, mentoring, discussion with resource persons

 all inclusive   hiking, biking (bikes will be carried for all), singing, dancing, storytelling in addition to destinations events

getting & being there   sights, sounds, smells on our itinerary, with guests who board and travel with us before/after presenting

Canadian Classroom offers participants a Curriculum Vitae (stream of life).

Canadian Values are Human Values identified, experienced and interpreted from the coordinates of a country whose name Kanata means “village” and title Dominion means “a land held in trust.” Standing on guard … for these values (proteger nos foyers et nos droits) is our contribution to humankind and our role on the voyage with the other creatures aboard Spaceship Earth.

the ebb begins from dream …” – Earl Birney, 1945, 1947

This program section contains

*  notes on the learning styles and approaches we bring aboard and share in our studies

a list of places we’ll be visiting and reasons for our choices including we chose Winnipeg at our starting point

*  two “days in the life of Canadian Classroom” – detailed notes on visits to two classic/contrasting cities, Victoria and Québec

*  an abridged itinerary with thumbnail sketches of our 49 days

*  audio recordings on Canadian features and values





Audio recordings of Canadian Reflections © Canadian Specific Enterprises

(may be reproduced in their entirety with acknowledgement)

1. We are Canadians (5:05)

2. Via Castor canadensis (1:51)

3. Canada, opportunity to be human (6:11)

4. Canada, original multicultural state (2:45)

5. Canadians in Time and Space (4:15)

6. Kanata: cosmic lingua mondo (1:01)

7. I am Canada (4:35)

8. We are the Dominion of Canada (8:45)

9. We are Canadian Specific (4:05)