Participants – Students

The Personnel/Faculty

on board personnel

A team of 4-6 advisors/assistants will accompany … Classroom on Rails on the road/n the field in addition to regional guides and operational staff provided by transport companies. These will include:

Historian/Coordinator (David Watts – see bio under “Initiative”) will anchor the program and oversee the timetable of events.

Business Manager (TBA) will oversee program logistics, liaison with regional/community representatives and resource persons

a Musical Advisor (TBA) will coach individuals and groups in voice, and provide accompaniment on various instruments

a Movement Instructor (TBA) will provide choreography/coaching in dance in the development of group presentations en route

Rail Liaison Officer (TBA) will oversea maintenance/hookups and union relations when coaches are parked occupied, and operating on lines/trains outside scheduled VIA services

regional resource persons

Artists, academics, elders, business/trade/other leaders from communities visited en route will serve as adjunct instructors on the life, history and activities in their regions.

Some of these will ride the train for a portion of the itinerary and be available to consult or mentor during this time.

Others will escort the group on visits to points of interest or join us on the ground at industrial/historic/geographic sites.