23 areas

The following 23 areas represent a significant portion of the economy. Many of these activities can be small businesses; each also includes major corporations. Classroom … will be seeking a major sponsor in each sector to mirror Canada’s economic profile. Some of the sectors are regionalized—fruit farming and ranching, coal and hydo power, for instance—and we may seek more than one rep to reflect this.

1. Agriculture
2. Alcohol: brewing, distilling
3. Banking & Finance
4. Clothing & Textile
5. Communications
6. Construction
7. Data, Information & Computers
8. Education
9. Electronic Media: cable, internet, television
10. Electronics & Appliances
11. Fisheries
12. Forestry & Forest Products
13. Hardware & Building Supplies
14. Hospitality
15. Hydrocarbons: coal, gas and oil, oil sands, pipelines
16. Hydro Energy
17. Legal & Accounting
18. Manufacturing
19. Mining/Metallurgy
20. Print Media & Publishing
21. Real Estate
22. Retail Merchandising
23. Transport: air, marine, rail, road
Omissions- A few key areas are not included. The automotive industry for instance. It’s very important but in competition with the transport modes Classroom … focuses on and therefore not a good sponsor fit.