Participants – Sponsors

boarding call

A cross country rail journey is a closeup exposure to business and industry.

There are:
the names and brands on the modules of the container trains that pass us or that we pass, sitting on sidings

the major activities—forestry, agriculture and mining—along the right of way, and whose products make up much of the passing freight

bulk commodities including oil, LPG and LNG and petrochemicals that make up unit trains and power most other modes of transport

signs on supermarkets, big box stores, factories, office buildings and billboards and electric signage we see approaching cities and towns

The same is true for arctic territories and island capitals we reach by air and water. A main entry point, seaport or airport, like a rail yard, is a window on the major activity that goes on there and a bulletin board for its players.

Becoming a sponsor of a student, a staff member or a section of the journey gives you a place on the train or plane or in the receiving party rather than beside, watching it go by. It gives you

a PRESENCE in a program developing a rising generation of Canadian leaders: a change to be part of the agenda

a PODIUM to tell the story of your business venture: the risks, the challenges, the price and rewards of your success

a chance to market your PRODUCT/service. You may have samples that leave an impression on a remarkable journey

It’s a chance to make contact and build potential relationships with a new generation of Canadians: to explain your operation and what you have to contribute to the greater good of Canada and the human community.

why don’t you come aboard …