The Facility


All the battles have been won …
On the mountain tops we stand
All the world at our command …
Oh, there was a time in this fair land
When the railroad [used to] run
– Gordon Lightfoot, Canadian Railroad Trilogy

A unique setting enables CCOR’s access to much of the country and a type of group interaction that makes for an outstanding experience.

For four-fifths of their seven weeks together Classroom participants will learn, travel, and lodge together in a self-contained mobile facility: a consist (CON-sist: emphasize 1st syllable) of rail coaches that can

*  move as part of scheduled conventional passenger trains

*  park as a mobile campus at selected stops

*  hire an engine to travel  lines  regular passenger trains don’t operate

château sleeping car with the following accommodation configuration:

Yellow = Upper and lower berths
Purple = Cabin for one
Dark blue (A) = Cabin for three, day time configuration
Bright green = Shared bathroom
Olive green (B) = Cabin for two, night time configuration
Olive green (C, D) = Cabin for two, day time configuration

Rail car layout

In total, this car can sleep 23:

*  6 berths in 3 curtained sections (each with upper & lower)
*  8 duplex roomettes (with single bed, in-room sink & toilet)
*  3 double bedrooms (upper/lower/private washroom) and
*  1 drawing room (cabin for 3 with private washroom)
(a pair of public washrooms and shower serve entire car)

skyline dome car with the following configuration:

Dome Car

*  upper floor viewing area with 24 reclining seats
*  lower lounge with leatherette chaise seating for 12
*  an eating/recreation area with tables for 24, video screen
*  kitchenette, pantry and snack/souvenir sales compartment

HEP (head end power) baggage car with temporary reconfiguration providing approx 700 square feet for storage, movement and staging under car space for auxiliary HEP generator and water supply

Head Engine graphics

An additional, transitional, baggage car will be required to move on trains with Renaissance equipment (Ottawa/Montreal/Quebec/Halifax)